1. pls somebody has registered me nd i have paid somebody before d problem started. pls teach me. how can i get to stage 2 when d system start. i have brought 2 persons also before d problem. they are ready to pay if not d problem

  2. Am findin it very difficult to login my ultimatecycler account,if as that I made a deposit of 12,500 naira before the issue of upgrading the system comes up,as it stance now am really comfuse abt it,because I cnt login any more

  3. This isn’t fumy any longer, my money has trapped in d process of registration and confirmation, for over weeks now,what’s the hope of this site been restored back again. Pls we need a reasonable and precise information. It’s mattytax

  4. Thank you for the update…i want to ask,will this break in transmition not discourage people from continuing with ultimate cycler? because as it it now many people have been trown off balance, more over what happens to those of us whose money is till in the system, i mean those of us who have given out money already. thank you iam DAVID OBASI

  5. please i want to know how much my referrer in stage 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 will pay. what i mean is: assuming i registered in stage 2 with N25,000, will those who registered under me pay the same N25,000 each or N12,500 as in stage 1 and also in stage 3,4,5,6? thanks.

  6. YES ,,,, ITS BACK: To all fans of UltimateCycler…. PLEASE NOTE: The site is back and better. For registration, and further clarifications, please WHATSAPP me. (invest 12,500 and cash out 50,000 within a week)… serious Nigerians only 07031591456(WHATSAPP). IF YOU WANT A BETTER ALTERNATIVE INCOME SOURCE THEN ULTIMATE CYCLER IS THE ONE STOP. REFERRAL LINK IS:(whatsapp me for info) LOG IN LINK IS:>>http://ultimatecycler.com/app/login.php (you will testify also)

  7. ULTIMATE CYCLER IS BACK!!! The platform where you earn 50k with just 12500 in less than a week. But be careful before you join cos Alot of people keep passing false info like “You dont need to refer anyone to get your 50k”..Its a lie!! Join my whatsapp group (for people who wants concrete advice before they join ultimate cycler only),get a free registration and learn the way ultimate cycler truely works!


  8. If registration can be done, then what is the need to open the site? Pls my friends are becoming discouraged because its looking like i am playing pranks on them without knowing its not. pls immediate intervention is need, i need to make a lot of registration.

  9. Pls I confirmed someone after payment and the person can’t login due to the reply from the website which is service busy and my referral link is no more loging people to where they will register. What can I do?

  10. Pls I confirmed someone after payment and the person can’t login due to the reply from the website which is service busy and my referral link is no more loging people to where they will register. What should I do?

  11. Am tired of all these it will b back news they should come bk already how long do we have to wait I av my money stock in dis they should av bin well prepared b4 they tnk of getting pple into it m regreting dis already..so annoying

  12. Someone was paired with me before the issue but he has not paid since then.

    What is likely to be faith if the guy refuses to pay or participate in the scheme in the again. Can his name be replaced?

  13. please someone opened an account for me before the site crashed and was told to pay into an account number that he sent to me which I did but the person that I paid has not confirmed me but I keep receiving a call from one lady telling me that I was matched to pay her can’t access my account n she has been threatening to delete my account and the guy that opened the account for me have not been
    picking my call what should I do?

  14. I have on cylcer over two weeks now but have not received any payment yet, am even finding it very difficult to login into my account. I need ur help Pls.

  15. When the referral link service will come up’, because I have paid 12,5k and I can’t register my down line link, how long are we waiting for the network to come up


    12,500 to 50k in 3 Days
    for this Buhari Regime
    omo xmass money don land oo
    Either you bring people or not
    your 50k is sure

  17. Shiloh and Emmyb, someone was registered with a wrong account and wrong email. The person with this wrong particulars is paired to pay me. But since sunday up untill today Wednesday she has not been able to pay me and she has not been changed by ultimate cycler. Please help, what do I do?

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