Ultimate Cycler Nigeria – How You Can Make N50,000 in a Week with just N12,5000

 Ultimate Cycler Nigeria – Well, i will be dealing with an issue today that have made many Nigerians rich today. Well this may sound too good to be truer. To some it may come as a shocker to them. Imagine investing 12.500 naira into a business in less than two weeks, you are entitled to 50.000 naira. This is out of this world then.

 A testifier who is into this once told me that when he first heard of it, and decided to participate, it was to him a waste of time. But after just two weeks, he received 50 thousand naira. According to him, “it was a miracle too good to be true”. 

 That is the very publication i have decided to to bring to you all. As at now, the Nigerian Government under President Buhari is experiencing a low level of depreciation which have become the worst in the history of this Nation since independence according to experts.

 Whatever you will read here have come from careful research work and analysis from various quarters. If there are any areas you will you are not following my analysis and explanations, please ask your questions via a the comment box or email me via chapatti4real2014@gmail.com

 Peter Wolfing was the sole inventor of this door to door business model. Perter who himself gained financial freedom from this kind of business decided to initiate thgis to be able to help thousands of people gain their financial freedom as he has done and that has been the sole reason for this business ideology. In a broader sense and a shorter terms, it was established to alleviate people from the scores. And this will in turn help

 Based on what our testifier told us which we have verified by research, the Ultimate Cycler It’s a 2×2 cycler scheme which has a direct member-to-member payment plan.  This simply means that all registered member who wants to participate will be required by the system to do any form of money payment into Ultimate Cycler. So should anyone advise you to join and pay any form of money to Ultimate Cycler tell such a one that not the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria you have read about. Applicants are not required to pay for  admin fees neither will they be required to pay any form of registration fees. All forms of payment you make will go directly into another persons account and the one that will be paid to you will be done directly into your account.

 Upon research, we discovered that there six matrix levels involved in the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria which i will be discussing with everyone reading this article. For each of the six levels, applicants are not to pay any additional money except for the initial one-time N12,500 ($25) you donated to your sponsor which should help you activate your account.

How The Ultimate Cycler Nigeria Work?

 This is where i would advise that you don’t get distracted why you read on. Because your success in this business scheme depends solely on your knowledge gained from my analysis about the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria.

 Like i have explained in the first two paragraphs, the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria gives you a maximum and a flat rate of N50,000 after about a week of investing N12,500.

 The criteria for earning N50.000 a week is based on the fact you are to refer 4 persons after you must gave started. But if you don’t have anyone to refer, then you have no problem then because the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria system have already made provision for such a scenerio. This is how it works. As a starter, you are to refer four persons which will pay 12 thousand naira into your account to amount to that figure N50.000. But in a case where you don’t have anyone to refer, you still ,have your back covered because the system will automatically fix 4 people under you and these persons are expected to pay you N12,500 each summing up to N50,000 but this time your money will come in two weeks time or before but wont exceed two weeks.

 This is the reason why so many persons prefers this particular business model.

 When you have been registered, you will automatically be paired with someone else to whom you will be making a one-time payment of N12,500 to as a prerequisite for the activation of his or her account. When you are done with the aforementioned process, you are now entitled to receiving N12,500 from  four different people amounting to N50.000.

 The basic question is “why refer if Ultimate Cycler Nigeria can help do that?” Its simple.  you refer to keep the system going and that all registered applicants will get  profit on a faster rate that’s a weeks time of your registration.

 If you become a registered Ultimate Cycler Nigeria today and you could refer 4 of your friends to register with you on the same day using your referral link, be sure that you shall sure get your N50,000 bonus same day.

 We have already told you that for those who do not have referrals, don’t border yourself. Just relax and the system will surely fix it for you.

Register Now on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria and get paid soonest!

 Please note that if you are not going to make the initial payment of N12,500 please don’t border to registering to Ultimate Cycler Nigeria because your account would not be activated until the person you made the payment to have acknowledged your payment.

For those who might have paid their payments and the person you made the payment to refuses to acknowledge your payment, don’t have headache over such issues because the system have already made provision for that.

Many subscribers of the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria told me in person that they prefer this to others because it is more faster than others. And that is the reason it have gained massive subscribers over the past few months.

 Remember that i told you that there are six matrix levels you earn a total of N50,000, there are also 5 higher levels that can help you earn bigger amounts of profit.

 But none of them requires you to pay any further cash apart from the N12,500 to get started, and pays 100% instant commissions implies that a lot of people will put interest in this and you can easily start seeing multiple cycles daily.

How long will Ultimate Cycler Nigeria live?

 Well that should not be an issue at all because because Ultimate Cycler Nigeria have been existence for over 12 years now.

Here is a little fact about the founder of Ultimate Cycler, Peter Wolfing:

Peter Wolfing who is the founder of Ultimate Cycler has been building online businesses and marketing tools for the past 14 years. In that time he’s proven beyond doubt that he knows how to build programs with staying power, and that he is committed to the long-term success of his projects. He is the owner of a 14 year old company with a solid track record and an A+ rating with BBB.

It has come to stay no doubt about it. Trust me on that.


  Based on our explanations since the beginning of this publication, i do hope i have been able to convince you about the genuineness  of Ultimate Cycler Nigeria which has  no difficult challenges starting it. With the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria, all persons who wants to break out from their financial struggles can make very huge sums of money with Ultimate Cycler,. You have nothing to fear because from the research we conducted, Ultimate Cycler Nigeria have come to stay based on her leadership qualities i have seen them operate.

  So i will advise all Nigerians to start up now so as to avoid this financial difficulty the country is facing right now

  If you have issues or questions regarding the Ultimate Cycler can do that via our comment box and we will sure get back to you as soon as possible.

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria enjoy yourself.


  1. I am a registered member since on 22/11/16 was merged with only one person and no payment has been made and other members in my team have not been paid. What should we do. Because i am discourage. Thanks

  2. After paying N12,500 and get N50,000,what next should i do to upgrade and get more than N50,000? In other word, how is their pay plan looks like?

  3. i want to ask if d ultimate cycler has come to an end because have been trying to log in since morning and its not opening…what is going on?

  4. Please I want to be sure, because since oon Monday I sent my name for registration on till now I have not heard anything. So what will do

  5. Good Evening Someone Told Me About Ultimate Cycler I Want To Know More About The Business Because Many Online Business Is out There Don’t Know The One To Follow And I Want To Join This Ultimate Cycler Now How Will I Know The Real Source Not Fake

  6. What is happening to out ultimate cycler. I have many subscribers weitting for the site.please open it as soon as possible

  7. what if in a state where you’re pared with someone to pay you a sum of #12,500. and eventually the person refused to pay up, saying that he/she is no longer interested in being a part of the business anymore. what will you do, or how will you get another person to take his/her place to complete your payment?

  8. Please I have registered for a week nw and since then the site is no longer opening and some of my friends who want to register through me are now having double mind as the site is misbehaving. Please do we still have hope?

  9. Please I have registered for a week nw and since
    then the site is no longer opening and some of
    my friends who want to register through me are
    now having double mind as the site is
    misbehaving. Please do we still have hope?

  10. I have registered 2 people and no one have pay me this is not what I was told, I was told once I registered 2 people they will pay me while nobody has pay me

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