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Shiloh 2016 From Glory to Glory – Well this is an update from the last shiloh which was hosted by Winners Chapel of Living Faith Church and as it where, it was successfully concluded with lots of testimonies across the world to show for it. We all knew what the Slogan for Shiloh 2016 is “From Glory to Glory” and when that slogan is resounded, the response you get is  “That is where I am going to in the year 2016”.


For those of us who watched on TV, We saw Shiloh 2015 Thanksgiving Service which was live on air and THE PERSONS WHO PARTICIPATED recounted their blessings. And our earnest prayer is that Shiloh 2016 WILL BRING GREATER miracles and the Thanksgiving service will be multiplied greatly In Jesus Name.

As at now, there is no formal date for Shiloh 2016 and we all are awaiting  Bishop David Oyedepo the President of the Living Faith Church to give the announcement of the date and theme of the Shiloh 2016 so that we can plan for it.

 Every other session of the programme which involves the various sessions and venue will still remain as usual.

 We have concrete evidence that Shiloh 2016 venue will be in Canaan Land Ota, Ogun State and everyone across the world can be a partaker by going to the venue physically live or any other the Living Faith Church branches all over the world where they could watch the event live on telecast.

 Now For those persons who are not within the reach of the Cannan Land and still cannot or are not close to the church premises of Winners Chapel, can watch the programme using the shiloh 2016 live streaming online.

 Well the time comes for the programme, i will update us on the live streaming link that will be used.
We have lots of testimonies to share but as it where i will be making a different publication on it. So watch out.

2016 Shiloh – Winners Chapel

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Now we wil be looking at the sessions involved in the Shiloh 206.

Shiloh 2016 Morning Session – This session as it where has been scheduled to kick start by 7am. It will elapse at 11am. This morning session have been scheduled to contain a series of 3 Teachings of the Bible.

Shiloh 2016 Healing School – This session starts by 11:30am to 1:30pm. It is on a daily and have been scheduled to start immediately after the morning session right inside Canaanland.

 This session is meant for those having sicknesses and disease which the doctors must have said that there’s no remedy to. Those who are oppressed and need a touch of the spirit of God should not also fail to attend this session.

Shiloh 2016 Business Summit – For those categories of persons who are waiting on the lord for financial breakthrough and freedom are to ensure they don’t miss this session. The time for this session is 11.30am to 1.30pm on a daily.

Shiloh 2016 Youth Alive Forum – This session is meant for the Youths that fall within the ages of 18 and above. The Youth Alive forum will start-off by 3pm and ends by 5pm daily. The Issues that will be discussed will be pertaining love and relationship matters, dating, preparation for marriage, godliness, prevent/use of drugs etc.

Shiloh 2016 Evening Session – The evening session as it where starts by 7pm and runs till 10pm. And Bishop David Oyedepo will be the one teaching during the evening sessions all through the programme.

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