Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration – Audition Date & Venue –

The Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration, Audition Date And Venue

 A blogger friend of mine called my attention to this article am about to publish which centers on the Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration. The sole reason i am making this publication is simply because many persons would want to participate in the Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration and because of that i have decided to share with every persons who are interested in the Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration the procedures involved –

 Should incase you don not know much about The Maltina Dance which is also known as “MDA” is a dancing competition which involves different family members. This particular kind of dance, allows family members to showcase their dancing moves which ranges from Hip Hop, Jive, Gumboot, Pantomine, Wazobia and Salsa in the bid to become Nigeria’s No.1 Dance Family. Maltina Dance All is a dancing challenge that has become Nigeria’s favourite and it has gone across the country from Lagos to Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt, in search of the top dancers who represent the best in Nigeria with fully packed fun and excitement.

Maltina dance all dancing competition as we have seen in recent years, has gone to have spread across the six geographical zones of Nigeria. They aim to search for the best talents in dancing, along with a supportive and equally good dance family that is worthy to take the crown after an entertaining battle from various dance competitors

 I think i would want to make this clear now. The Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration as at today, have not started. Many people have been asking if it has started. Well, for the now, the date and time for the Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration, have not yet been disclosed and that is the reason we have not pasted any date or time here.  But if your family are very much interested in participating, then you should ensure you reach me via the comment box for updates should it come out. Please ensure you drop you email at the comment  box.

 During the eventat the Maltina Dance All 2017 dancing competition , the best dancers (family) are usually rewarded on the spot, witha sum of six million Naira. And that is not it alone. They will be given a brand new car as winners. The best family are usually rewarded following a very keenly contested competition across age bands.

 In actual fact, The purpose of this competition is to select suitable family which will represent and would lead their various family members into the maltina dance all academy. After the selection process has been made, they will undergo fitness tests, after which 15 successful ones are picked from the horde along side  their families to compete for a place in the academy.

 After applicants have been successful and have been entered into the academy, the dancers go through a serious training from professional dance instructors which will be hired by Maltina . These instructors will teach the dancers new unique dancing style and this dancing skills will also be graded by dance professionals as well.

How to Participate for Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration & Audition

 For those who are interested in Maltina Dance All, are to visit MDA official website at ( and complete the online form. And you can as well  pick up/drop off forms at designated points.

 If you could not fill the forms online, please note that the Forms will also be made available at the Screening centers. Please be notified that the regional competition is open to all age categories while dancers that are within the ages of 18-30 are qualify for the Reality/Academy.

Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration TV Schedule

NTA Network         >>>       5:30PM Daily
GALAXY Network     >>>       8pm daily
SliverBird Network  >>>         8pm daily

Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 Registration– Expected Requirements

→Originality: Dancer(s) must have a unique style
→Uniqueness: Dancer(s) must have an element that stands him/her out
→Versatility: Dancer(s) must display a wide vocabulary of steps
→Surprise element: Dancer(s) must unleash something out of the box during the performance. i.e Unpredictable
→Musicality: Dancer(s) must engage quick response to rhythmic changes / changes in rhythm.
→Technique and Delivery: Dancer(s) body movements must be precise. Exhibiting confidence in delivery.
→Entertainment: Dancer(s) must have Fun. Routine must not look like hard work.

 For more information on the  Maltina Dance All Season 10 Registration 2017, please visit MDA official portal / website @

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