How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter Online – Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter Online | Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter: The Power holding company of Nigeria(PHCN) as we all know did introduce the prepaid meter. It should be noted that the Prepaid Meter was a direct replacement for the post-payment meter, We have had over 4 million Nigerians using the prepaid meter since its introduction and many still waiting to use the prepayment meter.

 Statistics provided shortly indicated that 3 out of 10 homes in Nigeria use the latest prepayment meter. Which means it is gradually gathering momentum in the country.  The reason for this publication is to show consumers how to recharge Phcn prepaid meter using various methods which will include how you can buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online.

 The payment method for the prepaid meter involves customers paying for credit at PHCN office, at the bank or any other authorized outlet in Nigeria. But as it is now, the world is going into the computer stage full which makes it very possible and easy to  buy credit online.

 One of the easiest way to recharge PHCN prepaid meter without stress will be  loading your credit into the electronic prepayment meter using your PIN codes after purchasing your credit.

Please remember that the scratch card pin codes do come in the form of SMS or scratch card. You are to open the card door of your monitor unit, then ensure you insert your meter smart card, using the keypad on your monitor unit to enter pin codes, press enter. It there is any form of mistake, you are to use the navigation key and the delete key to edit the pin code.

  • Recharging Your Prepayment Meter Using Smart Card

 Now lets talk about using the smart card as a means of recharging PHCN prepaid meter. PHCN as it where do provide smart card to all energy users. By configuring your smart card, that is the only way you can use the PHCN smart card.

All you need do is to take your smart card to the nearest PHCN office to buy the amount of credit you need. This you will using the power vending machine.

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter Using Smart Card

 Now you are to Open wide the card door of your monitor unit, insert your smart card properly,. Now will difinitely gonna see this  sign “—“. which  means that the credit loading is incomplete, when the credit loading is complete you will see the updated credit level on you LCD screen.

How To Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

You can use below mentioned steps in other to complete and Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online.

Steps To Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

  • Connect your internet enabled device to the internet example your laptop, phone.
  • Launch the mobile app or go to your bank official page.
  • Login to your account
  • click on “PAY BILLS”
  • Click on ” PHCN”
  • Enter the amount you are purchasing, enter your meter number.
  • Enter any OTP(online transaction password) necessary
  • Confirm the transaction and enter the correct number on your online transaction token.

When you are done, an email message or an SMS confirming your transaction will be sent to you. Your meter token as well will also be sent to your phone number or email. You are expected to load the token into your prepaid meter.

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