GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code for Mobile, Tablet and PC

GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code for Mobile, Tablet and PC

 I would want to write a publication about the the new GLO 4G LIT Subscription for Mobile, Tablet devices including PC for online activities to be more enjoyable and flexible. The purpose for Glo to have come up with this GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code, is that GLO wants all her users to enjoy a flexible network connection and a high degree of network connectivity and that is the reason we encourage you to be a partaker of the  GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code. On this publication, you will learn how to subscribe the GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code

 So many persons called me asking what exactly is the difference between Glo 3 Subscription Code and the GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code? Well, you just chill, i will discuss this as we progress and also discuss here benefit if you start using the 4G network for your browsing on mobile or pc.

 The difference that exist between the two are quite noticeable. If you have noticed, many users of the 3G network has always complained about how slow the 3G network has been regards to downloading of music online, or videos online or even browse on high-level websites like, streaming sites, etc.

 That has been changed with the introduction of the new GLO 4G LIT data which is more faster in browsing is sure and you can get the best from your Subscription.

 So read through and know the full list of GLO 4G LIT subscription code for mobile, Tablet and PC  – to choice which one will be convenient for you or your business.

GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code

There are three categories of GLO 4G LIT data Subscription which are:

  • Small Plans
  • Medium Plans
  • Large Plans

They all comes with different prices and validation. But on a general note, the Small Plans is basically a daily subscription plan.

 Note that the Medium plans are categorize in such a way that some are weekly while some are monthly.

All intending applicants are to note that all of the listed 4G data network plan are applicable to all devices (mobile phones, tablets and PC). So it doesn’t matter if you are using iPhone or Android or just a browsing phone.

  Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity
Small Plans 4G LTE 50 50 30MB 1 Day
4G LTE 100 100 60MB 1 Day
4G LTE 200 200 200MB 5 Days
Medium Plans 4G LTE 500 500 1.6GB 7 Days
4G LTE 1000 1,000 3.2GB 30 Days
Large Plans 4G LTE 2000* 2,000 7.5GB 30 Days
4G LTE 2500* 2,500 10GB 30 Days
4G LTE 3000** 3,000 12GB 30 Days
4G LTE 4000** 4,000 18GB 30 Days
4G LTE 5000** 5,000 24GB 30 Days
4G LTE 8000** 8,000 48GB 30 Days
4G LTE 15000** 15,000 60GB 30 Days
4G LTE 18000** 18,000 90GB 30 Days

How to get the Glo 4G LTE

Step 1: Get a LTE Sim from any Gloworld, Glozone and dealer outlet nationwide.
Step 2: Get a LTE Handset or Device from Open market or Gloworld.
Step 3: Buy your 4G-LTE data plan.

 Please you should Use our comment box below to reach me on your various questions and we will be on hand to reach you. Thanks and happy usage.

GLO 4G LIT Subscription Code

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