CodeLagos Programme – Application For Facilitators

CodeLagos Programme – Application For Facilitators

 So many persons must have been wondering when the application portal for the CodeLagos Programme will be opened to all for assessment. Well with the news reaching us, the Application portal for the CodeLagos Programme has now been opened to the general public so they can apply as facilitators for the CodeLagos Programme.

 Now lets dive into analytical view of what the CodeLagos Programme is all about. The CodeLagos is an initiative of the Lagos State Ministry of Educationwhich has as its mandatory responsibility to make coding education framework accessible to every student in Lagos State. With the knowledge of the CodeLagos Programme students will be positioned to harness, create, and leverage on local and global opportunities, which will culminate in meeting the growing demand for tech skills. Again it will position them as world of work as problem solvers.

This is the first state-sanctioned computer programming education framework which was a marriage between the  Lagos State Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology. This programme has a clearly stated learning results.

 The goal of this new coding education framework is to provide a basic- to proficiency-level competence in Computer Science, Information technology and digital literacy.

Facilitators for the CodeLagos programme

 As it was stated in the application form, the Facilitators who will be selected will be trained through local and international partnerships. To this end, Facilitators are not required as a prerequisite for application to have advanced coding knowledge and skills to apply for the training scheme and the opportunity to tutor classes.

 In other to make this programme and its result a success, the CodeLagos programme will employ a multiple-pronged approach, deploying coding education framework across various platforms, including:

  • Primary & Secondary Schools – Public/Private
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Public & Private Libraries
  • Public Spaces e.g Community Centers
  • Online

Schools Involved in the CodeLagos programme

 The Classes that are needed will be set up at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. Pl;ease note that These centers will be facilitated by experienced tutors who will be delivering the coding education framework in a regular schedule each academic session. Regarding the The ratio of Students to Facilitators, there have been a framework which have been set to achieve an optimum engagement level. This is so because the attention span of each school demographic was considered in setting each class’ duration.

Terms Of Engagement

  1. All Qualifying candidates must be available to participate in all the required trainings which would be provided by the State in collaboration with private sector partners within the technology sector.
  2. All applicants as it where must also be willing to commit at least 12 hours weekly to facilitate CodeLagos courses at designated centers upon the launch of the initiative in April.
  3. The Facilitators will be employed on a Part-Time basis so hat they could teach in an after-school program
  4. Please not that facilitators’ allowance ranges between #15,000 to #25,000 monthly Depending on number of works,
  5. Please all Facilitators/tutors must be at the designated centres to carry out his/her functions.

Application For CodeLagos Programme

Interested applicants should note that all applications are online. That you are to visit for application.

Please there are issues you do not understand as you read the publication on Depending on number of works, , please let me no through the comment box.

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