Bishop David Oyedepo Biography, Life History And Career

This publication is about the Bishop David Oyedepo biography. Well many people may not actually know exactly who he is. But today, i will be publishing to us who Bishop David Oyedepo is via his Biography.


According to report we got, Bishop Oyedepo was born in September 27,1954 in Osogbo, in Kwara state of Nigeria. Bishop David Oyedepo as it where was born and bred with a mixed religious family Abrahim is the name of his father and was a great Muslim healer. The mum Mrs Dorcas was a member of the external order of the cherubim and seraphim movement. You all should no that it is a branch of the aladura movement here in Nigeria.

Bishop David Oyedepo met and married Mrs Florence Abiola in Kano. But today she is currently known as faith. Bishop and mama Faith are botj blessed with four children. named as follow, David junior,

They are Isaac,love and Joyce. Recently, David Jr and Isaac Oyedepo were ordained by Kenneth Copeland in may 2007 in America.

As for David Jr, the young Bishop is the resident pastor of London branch where he is based with his  wife  Kemi. Then for Isaac Oyedepo, he is the resident pastor  of winner’s chapel international, South Africa.

 From a very sire source, it was Bishop’s grand mother who trained him in Osogbo. Then finally in 1969, David Oyedepo gave his life to Christ.  It was Betty Lasher his teacher who actually influnced his decision in giving his life to christ.

Report have it that Betty Lasher took special interest in Bishop during his high school days. Bishop was not a school drop out as many may think. He graduated as an architect from the former kwara state polytechnic, now kwara state University and worked briefly with the federal ministry of housing in Ilorin before resigning to concentrate fully on missionary work. David Oyedepo receive Ph.D. in human development from honolulu university,Hawaii,united state of America in 1982.

Now on his calling, his biography revealed that through an 18 hour vision in May 1981 he was given the Mandate to liberate  the world the from all oppression of the devil through the preaching of the world of faith.this is the inaugura vision that led founding of living faith church worldwide (LFCWW) first called liberation faith ministries, in 1981.

After Two years Bishop David oyedepo was finally ordained as a bishop in 17th September 1983 by pastor Enoch Adeboye Of the Redeemed Christian church of God.

Without being told, Bishop is the Richest Pastor in the world and he is the president of David Oyedepo ministries international(DOMI), which is an umbrella organisation which do comprise both living faith church world wide,world mission Agency (WMA);The missionary arm of the church’s operations,dominion publishing house;the publishing arm of the church,covenant university, and the social development mission project (e.g. schools, maternity home,hospital,etc

Bishop oyedepo as a man

Bishop Oyedepo has published several Christian literature, journals and inspirational books which is done through the dominion publishing house that was commissioned in December 1992.

Some of The books published Bishop are anointing for exploits, winning invisible battles,pillars of destiny,Excellency of widow, born to win, the healing balm,walking in dominion, breaking the curses of life,and manifestation of the spirit of GOD.

Bishop David Oyedepo Biography

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