23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria

23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria

We are all very much aware of how very important good education is to the child. But this kind of education are easy to come by in Nigeria because they are very much expensive. And today we have decided to list the 23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria and the school fees they pay.


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The kind of education given to a child determines the final product of such a child and this means that  quality Education is key to building a successful Nation. Some of these schools listed receives school fees that are even more higher than what some private university do receive.

 But believe me, these schools also provide a very standard and qualitative learning experience to her pupils.

 Below are the very most expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

1. American International School, Lagos – N5.5 Million
Website: www.aislagos.org
2. Grange High School, Lagos – N4.5 million
Website: www.grangeschool.com
3. British International School, Lagos – N4.48 million
Websit: www.bisnigeria.org
4. American International School, Abuja – N4.3 Million
Website: www.aisabuja.com
5. Lekki British International high School, Lagos – N4 million
Website: lekkibritishschool.org
6. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta – N3.7 million
7. Greensprings School, Lagos – N3.185 million
Website: www.greenspringsschool.com
8. Meadow Hall, Lagos – N3 million
Website: www.meadowhallschool.org
9. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja – N2.8 million
Website: www.loyolajesuit.org.
10. Hillcrest School, Jos – N2.65 million
Website: www.hillcrestschool.net
11. Corona Secondary School, Agbara – N2.55 million
Website www.coronaschools.org
12. Atlantic Hall, Epe, Lagos – N2.27 million
Website: www.atlantic-hall.net
13. Chrisland College, Ikeja – N2 million
Website: www.chrislandschools.com
14. Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos – N2 million
Website: www.dowencollege.org
15. Whiteplains British School, Abuja – N1.6 million
Website: whiteplainsschool.com
16. Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt – N2,040,000 million
Website: www.charlesdaleschool.com
17. International Community School, Abuja – N1.9 Million
Website: www.icsabuja.com
18. Greenoak International School, Port Harcourt – N1.9 Million
Website: greenoakinternational.org
19. Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja – N1.6 Million
Website: www.nticnigeria.com
20. Norwegian International School, Port Harcourt – N1,843,750 million
Website: www.nisng.com
21. Lead British International School, Abuja – N1.5 Million
Website: www.lbis.org
22. Bloombreed High School N1.5 million
Website: bloombreed.com
23. Regent School Maitama  Abuja– N1.35 million
Website: regentschoolabuja.com

Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria

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